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I'm trying to understand the event system of Kohana. The only thing i don't understand is, where to place the Event::add code.

It should be in a place where it is executed before any events are fired. Or am I missing something?

What i want to achieve is to construct a class that is available everywhere, but don't realy want to hack it into Kohana.

Can anyone cast a light on this?

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I presume this is the PHP framework - – Chris Kimpton Dec 9 '08 at 11:20
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Try adding in a hook with your Event::Add code.

From the documentation:

The power of hooks mainly comes from the Events class. Hooks are loaded before any of the events are started so you can attach a hook to an event

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I'll look into that. Thx – Ikke Dec 9 '08 at 11:35

Usually Event::add() and Event::replace() are placed in the Hook constructor. Hooks are loaded before the first event of system ('system.ready') so you can add your callback to every system or custom event.

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