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Hey there, I'm at the moment trying to make a product management application. The way it works is that you add/edit/delete a Product Category for example "Ventrilo" and then you can add/edit/delete products in that category. Now is my question do I need a controller for both the Category part and the Product part? Like:



or is there a way that I somehow can combine it? Seems odd to me that I need 2 controllers for such a thing.. but maybe it's just me.

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I'd code that in separate controllers because they are operations on different entities.

However, it's not a technical limitation, you can have all actions in a single controller if you wish, you just have to override the default routes.

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Well.. both the Category and the Product have a lot of same actions.. like add/delete/edit which would be odd to combine into one controller. But I think I'll go with your suggestion. Thanks for the fast response :) – ebb Aug 19 '10 at 17:28

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