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I have Google'd this nine-ways-to-Sunday, but can't seem to come up with anything that fits my needs... I'm looking for a Firefox extension (and or Eclipse plug-in) that does the "opposite" of what SitePoint's handy Dust-Me Selectors does. Briefly, I want to be able to go to a page and get a summary of all the class and id attribute values that are specified in the HTML markup. Dust-Me is more stylesheet-centric, in that it compares the used and unused STYLESHEET selectors to what appears on the page. I need to find classes and ids that are specified in the page, but have no corresponding stylesheet selector, or no stylesheet at all for that matter.

The venerable Web Developer extension for Firefox does exactly this, EXCEPT, it's overlayed on the rendered page, which is not quite what I need. I'd like output more akin to Dust-Me; i.e., a summarized list.

Sure, I can do this with command-line grep... except that I can't, because I'm dealing with JSF, and I wanted to see what the rendered output in the browser is.

Another reference is PrimerCSS. It does "sort of" what I want, but I'm looking for a more on-the-fly, Firefox solution; and again, a list-- not a template. PrimerCSS makes you copy/paste the markup into a form on the site, and then comes up with a naked CSS stylesheet. Useful, but not.

Any leads?

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It sounds to me like Firebug combined with the CSS Usage plugin would get you what you want.

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