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I am having a problem hitting the break point in debugging under VS2010 under NUnit recent recommended release 2.5.7 I have tried various ways as recommended by responses on Stack Overflow:

  1. Attach to NUnit-agent.exe
  2. Run time is correctly selected to 4.0
  3. Attaching to Nunit.exe which does not even debug symbols

When attaching to the nunit-agent.exe, the symbols seem to load; however the test completes w/o hitting the breakpoint..

Anyone seen this problem??

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Is the breakpoint in your test project or in the project under test? Also, it may help to see the code that contains the breakpoint. – Jeff Mattfield Aug 19 '10 at 17:47

Make sure you're using the right framework version. .Net 4 is too high, so try using .Net 3.5

Also, don't bother with the hassle of attaching to a process. That gets old very quickly. Instead, go to the properties for your unit test project, and and the Debug tab, set "Start external program:" to point to nunit.exe, and add the output dll name in the "Command line arguments" text box (eg UnitTests.dll)

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Attach to nunit-agent.exe, not just nunit.exe. I don't know why but it will cause breakpoints to work

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