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While typing some Java code, I hit the dot/member operator (.) as in the dot inside ObjectName.methodName and got this error in a popup in Eclipse:

The `` 
proposal computer from the `` 
plug-in did not complete normally.

A second popup immediately followed with the message:

"Cannot perform operation: The compilation unit 
is not in the build path of a Java project".

Does this mean some required library is not installed as it needs to be?

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From some of the occurrences out there, it looks like your current project has no "Java nature" attached to it.

Check the project properties. See if its .project file has a javanature in it.

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Sounds like your Eclipse installation is a bit confused. In my experience the best approach here is to discard your current installation, and unpack a new.

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Check whether your .project contains javanature as follows :


If it is missing, add it...

It's very late, but I hope someone will find it useful.

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