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I have the following two lines of code that both run fine in both R and Python (via Rpy):

[R] rcut = cut(vector, brks)
[Python] rcut = r.cut(vector, brks)

However, if I want to add the argument of include.lowest=TRUE, it runs as expected in R:

[R] rcut = cut(vector, brks, include.lowest=TRUE)

But it doesn't work in Rpy:

[Python] rcut = r.cut(vector, brks, include_lowest="TRUE")

which gives the following error:

rpy.RPy_RException: Error in ok && include.lowest : invalid 'y' type in 'x && y'

Do you know what might cause that and what should I do to make it work? Thx!

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I don't know rpy, but could it be due to using "TRUE" (a character) instead of TRUE (a logical)?

EDIT: The rpy documentation seems to indicate using r.TRUE:

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Yup - worked beautifully. Thx! – Zhang18 Aug 19 '10 at 20:15

I know nothing about Rpy, but I would guess it needs to be include_lowest=True (No quotes, True is a boolean value in python.)

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