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I'm trying to get Skype button to work from here:

But I'm having problems with Skype names in href, which contains from 3 words and its like: "Word1 word2 - word3". That generator creates link like:

<a href="skype:word1 word2 - word3?call"><img src=" word2 - word3" style="border: none;" width="182" height="44" alt="My status" /></a>

If I click on this link, Skype calls 3 names?!

What should be between words, tried with %20 but nothing?



Sorry guys... clients... ehm, they gave me that Username, but its not, its with dots :\ Im not using Skype so i didnt know

Sorry one more time, and thanks

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My bet would be a +. This is what is most commonly used on mailing lists and such. Other separators to try would be _ and -, but + is the most likely one.

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