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I'm a python newbie and I don't understand why it won't read my IP and ADDR variables in the function dns.zone.query(IP, ADDR)???

import dns.query
import dns.zone
import sys

IP = sys.stdin.readline()
ADDR = sys.stdin.readline()

z = dns.zone.from_xfr(dns.query.xfr(IP , ADDR))
names = z.nodes.keys()
for n in names:
    print z[n].to_text(n)

It works when I pass an actual IP and Domain, but not with the variables... I don't get what's wrong?

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Do you get an error message? Have you tried debugging it to see on which line it goes wrong? –  Mark Byers Aug 19 '10 at 20:47

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I would try with:

IP = sys.stdin.readline().strip()
ADDR = sys.stdin.readline().strip()

Add some prints after the variables to debug it:

print '_%s_' % IP
print '_%s_' % ADDR
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readline() will include a trailing newline. You can use sys.stdin.readline().strip()

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Try sys.stdin.readline().strip(). You need to remove the newlines.

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