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For some reason, I find it really irksome that the files for each testing framework (rspec, test::unit, cucumber, etc.) live in a separate folder in the top level of my app. Is there a strong reason these directories should be scattered about instead of consolidated like gems/plugins in the vendor directory?

If there isn't an actual reason for the way it is, would it be kosher to consolidate these directories into a top-level "test" directory, containing subdirectories for each of the testing frameworks alongside fixture data, etc.? Has anyone else ever been driven bonkers this (and maybe already hacked together a quick'n'easy way of updating the necessary paths to get this to work)?

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I for one would welcome this change.

Personally I use RSpec and Cucumber at the same time and I'm torn whether or not to put the fixtures in the features/support/fixtures directory (I create it myself) or spec/fixtures. What if I use this fixture in features and in spec tests too?! [overly emotional] Why won't somebody think of the fixtures!!

Definitely. A top-level test directory with the subdirectories of features, specs, fixtures and whatever else you need.

Great question!

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