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How can I display a button and/or activity indicator inside of a UITextField on the iPhone? I'm trying to reproduce Mobile Safari's location text field which contains either a reload button or a cancel (stop loading) button which is right-justified inside of the text field.

Similarly, when you click inside of the text field (not on the cancel/reload buttons) to edit the URL, a clear icon (x inside of a circle) is shown inside of the text field which will erase the contents of the text field.

How can I create this in my own apps? I cannot seem to do it via Interface Builder so I suspect it's being done in code.

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Are you certain this is not just a clever layering of views and limited text field delegate resignation? – Tegeril Aug 20 '10 at 3:04

There is a built in option that worked for me...check here:

Adding the "Clear" Button to an iPhone UITextField

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Check out TTMessageController.

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