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When I asked for tools to profile Rails apps, someone pointed at DTrace. Since I work on MacOSX stations and deploy on OpenSolaris, it is a valid way to go. But I have little knowledge of DTrace.

Besides the usual suspect, Sun DTrace page and the avaliable info there, is there any other killer pointer to learn Dtrace out there?

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I did a 35 min video and showed some DTrace starter examples that you can find here: which were intended for introducing DTrace to Cocoa Developers, but it can work for anybody really

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Watch the Brian Cantrill DTrace video. This is a great demo-based talk and Cantrill is one of the DTrace creators.

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The link wasn't working, but I looked for the video and I think I found it on youtube: – Aaron Storck Jun 11 '14 at 3:24

I found that reading dtrace version of the usual admin monitoring tools of Mac OS X was a great help truss -> dtruss. There are at least a dozen different scripts that you can read. (Most begining by "d".)

There also is /Developer/Applications/ which is a graphical app which generates dtrace scripts.

Also, Wikipedia's DTrace page has loads of links which should help.

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You can also try the "dtrace toolkit" it has scripts for lots of monitoring purposes to give you a kick start.

Also you can attach X-Code's "Instruments" to any process. After this gives you a general idea of your app you can give a try to write your own scripts

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This is probably way too late to be useful, but Adam Leventhal's DTrace boot camp presentation is great for getting started:

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