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I am using django-openid from http://github.com/simonw/django-openid. But no matter whatever openid i enter it gives out this error: "Error using OpenID", "The OpenID was invalid"

Got it to work with django-openid. It seems the error was because i was using localhost. So i had to create a local openid server to make it work.

Also i found out a better implementation of django openid, django-openid-auth hosted at https://launchpad.net/django-openid-auth.
A working example of django-openid-auth @ http://www.rohanjain.in/.

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Im having the same problem but with some other openID library. Will hosting it up instead of using localhost work without any modifications? –  Urban Mar 3 '12 at 21:56

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From what I have heard Django-openid is incomplete. You might want to try out Django-Socialauth instead. It supports OpenID and gives you a few other options as well.

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Thanks will look at socialauth later, right now i got it working with django-openid-auth @ rohan.cz.cc –  crodjer Aug 20 '10 at 14:37

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