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I can't figure out how to publish an audio stream from a client to the server using FluorineFx on the client. We want to stream recorded audio data from the client to the stream via the already established NetConnection. There is a NetStream class in FluorineFx but it has no publish method. The NetStream class in FluorineFx only has the play method. But as far as I understand this plays a stream from the server on the client.

Is publish not implemented in FluorineFx or do I miss something?

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Check out

See Publishing streams and subscribing to streams under Real-time Messaging.

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Thanks but I already read that article. The proplem is: There are no attachAudio or publish methods in the NetStream class in FluorineFx. I think they talk about the Flex side in that article. – Jan Deinhard Aug 21 '10 at 9:19
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Unfortunately this feature doesn't seem to be implemented.

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Now, Is it possible to publish in fluorinefx? ns.publish(publishName.text,"record"); – ketan Apr 3 at 6:33

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