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How do I add more parameters to sfRequest object, on server side, before the request is processed?

I tried below code but it does not work.


Many thanks in advance.

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For what purpose do you want to do this? setParameter has two mandatory arguments. –  greg0ire Aug 20 '10 at 9:24
I wanted to pull an item from encrypted cookie and make it part of request. –  LionHeart Aug 21 '10 at 7:36
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Adding parameters to sfRequest object is quite simple.

$request->setParameter('newParam', 'newParamValue');
//see your added param

The problem i think you may have faced is, with array parameters Supposed you want to add "id" to your parameter "formname".

$newParams = array('id'=>1);

//Merge the existing values in formname with your new value
$formnameArray = $request->getParameter('formname');
$mergedArray = array_merge($formnameArray, $newParams);

//save it back in the request obj
$request->setParameter('formname', $mergedArray);

This should do it.

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The above solution is not firendly to implement with multi-level array (with i18n for exemple).

//get the array
$formnameArray = $request->getParameter('formname');
//alter the array
$formnameArray['id'] = $newID;
$request->setParameter('formname', $formnameArray);

No need to merge your brain.

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You can access the public request attribute from $request and set or add parameters. Example:

$request->request->set("p1", "v1");
$request->request->set("p2", "v2");


$request->request->add(array("p1"=>"v1", "p2"=>"v2"));
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