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So, I am doing a presentation using Beamer.

In my earlier presentation, I used the list elements auto unhiding one each time. : http://www.slideshare.net/scorpion032/building-pluggable-web-applications-using-django/38

using the following code:

    \begin{itemize}[<+-| alert@+>]                  \item
        Admin Interface                         \item
        Generic Views                           \item
        Testing Tools                           \item
        Sessions                                \item
        Authentication                          \item
        Caching                                 \item
        Internationalization                    \item
        RSS                                     \item
        CSRF protection                         \item
        File Storage                            

from http://github.com/becomingGuru/gids-django-ppt/blob/master/contents.tex

What I want right now, is the ability to sneak-in a few slides for each of these entries. Is there a simple direct easy way to do it?

Or should I consider using sections and displaying section titles? The problem with that approach is that, there will be way too many sections and given that I am displaying the sections on top bar, there might not be enough space for that.

Also, how do I display the contents page, with the current section highlighted for each section.

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Not sure of the first part, but this may help for "how do I display the contents page, with the current section highlighted for each section"

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