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How can I convert a DataSet to a DataReader?

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You can't. If you want more explanation, please provide more information. –  Thorsten Dittmar Aug 20 '10 at 9:47
I feel there is a flaw in what you are trying to do. What ARE you trying to do at a higher level? –  Dann Aug 20 '10 at 9:56

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You can use the following code to change dataset to DataReader:

DataTableReader rd = ds.Tables[0].CreateDataReader();
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Both DataSet and DataTable expose a method CreateDataReader which creates a DataTableReader. Check these links -



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DataSet is a disconnected in-memory object. DataReader is a connected unidirectional object.

So I guess it is not possible.

Is it really needed?

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DataSet has a method called CreateDataReader which will create a DataTableReader, but I don't think that you can create a DataReader.


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If you want to iterate thru DataSet, you don't need a DataReader. DataSet is a disconnected in-memory object so iterate thru it using for-each:

foreach(var row in ds.Tables["YourTable"])
     var value = row.Field<int>("ID"); // etc
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You cannot convert a DataSet to a DbDataReader.

You can however create a DbDataReader that will read results from the DataSet by calling the CreateDataReader method on the DataSet.

However, this seems like a strange thing to want to do. You can simply iterate through the results contained in the DataSet using the Tables property of DataSet and The Rows property of DataTable. Using a DbDataReader would restrict you to forward only access to the results. The only benefit I can see from using a DbDataReader would be if you had an API call to make which required one as a parameter.

If your DataSet is the result of a SELECT command from a database, you should be able to get a DbDataReader by calling DbCommand.ExecuteReader(). This will cut out the DataSet altogether and result in something that is more efficient.

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