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Is it possible to download Glass-fish adapter plug-in for eclipse(Helios) separately not with 'Install New Software feature in eclipse'?

Because I want to archive this plug-in and use it on another eclipse instances.


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I prefer:

              <= move the glassfish plugins.jar files here 
              <= move the glassfish features.jar files here 

(see eclipse.ini to reference a shared dropins)

That way, any Eclipse installation which

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But what should I do if I want to move only Glass-fish plug-ins and features not all ??? How do i find for example Glass-fish jars in those hundred jars? – Nav Aug 20 '10 at 11:42
@Navid: I usually make a list (dir or ls) of files before installation, and then one list after installation. I move the diff. – VonC Aug 20 '10 at 11:55

You can download the GlassFish Tools Bundle for Eclipse from the home page of the GlassFish Plug-ins.

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