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I am having trouble getting a Flex application (with as3httpclient) to work. I compiled it (compc -load-config=build-swc.xml), put the as3httpclientlib-1_0_6.swc in my libs dir, and ran

mxmlc -compiler.include-libraries lib/as3crypto-1_3_patched.swc 
lib/as3httpclientlib-1_0_6.swc lib/corelib.swc -- App.mxml

In my actionscript I

import org.httpclient.HttpClient;

but still I receive the error

Error: Type was not found or was not a compile-time constant: HttpStatusEvent
client.listener.onStatus = function(event:HttpStatusEvent):void {

... . Any ideas?

btw / before compiling "compc -load-config=build-swc.xml" I hade to change




in order for it to compile because my flex version doesn't have a playerglobal.swc for Flash 9. 8o

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Unless this is a custom defined class, there is no such thing as HttpStatusEvent, you need to import flash.events.HTTPStatusEvent and refer to it as such.

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