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I would like to have my Sinatra app include a view specific stylesheet in the layout.

Consider this simple app:

| my_app/
|   my_app.rb
| public/
|   css/
|     index.css
|     layout.css
| views/
|   index.haml
|   layout.haml

require 'rubygems'
require './my_app/my_app'

map '/' do
  run MyApp


require 'sinatra/base'

class MyApp < Sinatra::Base
  get '/' do
    haml :index

I tried setting a variable in my_app.rb that sets the name of the view and tried to reference it in layout.haml, but that did not work (I probably wouldn't have went with this as a final solution to the problem since I felt this was a code smell, but was just trying different possibilities).

This is using Haml, but I am hoping that is irrelevant - thinking it should be the same for erb, etc.

In layout.haml, I would like to reference the view that will be rendered and include a view specific stylesheet by a naming convention. For example, if index.haml is going to render, I would like to include css/index.css. What is the best way to go about doing this?

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I solved this by doing the following:

In index.haml (at the top) I created or appended an array named views:

- @views = unless defined? @views
- @views << 'index'

In layout.haml I reference @views:

  - @views.each do |view|
    - haml_tag :link, {:rel => 'stylesheet', :type => 'text/css', :href => "css/#{view}.css"}

I am a little disappointed with having to check @views in the view to make sure it is defined before appending to it, but for now it is manageable.

EDIT: Solved the problem with having to check if @views is defined in each view. In add the following:

before do
  @views =

I can now remove this line from the views:

- @views = unless defined? @views
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