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I have a transparent proxy, for instance one generated by WCF:

        ChannelFactory<ICalculator> channelFactory = 
            new ChannelFactory<ICalculator>(
              new NetNamedPipeBinding(),
              "net.pipe://localhost/WcfTransparentProxy/Calculator" );
        ICalculator calculator = channelFactory.CreateChannel();

How do I get the RealProxy from the transparent proxy?

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There's a function in RemotingServices specifically for this:

System.Runtime.Remoting.RemotingServices.GetRealProxy( transparentProxy );

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Thank you! That's what I was looking for. –  Gael Fraiteur Aug 21 '10 at 12:41
do you know how i can detect the proxy type by just providing th ip, port. is there any class for this in .net –  Smith Apr 26 '12 at 1:07

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