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My sql string looks like this. And What I'd like to do is change it into a format ibatis can use

SELECT distinct( dbo.vwChangeMgmt1.number ) 
  FROM dbo.vwChangeMgmt1, dbo.vwChangeMgmtTask1
 WHERE dbo.vwChangeMgmt1.Asgn_Group != 'WTO-AMS-NOVUS' and     
       dbo.vwChangeMgmtTask1.Resource_group = 'WTO-AMS-NOVUS' and
       dbo.vwChangeMgmt1.number = dbo.vwChangeMgmtTask1

My Ibatis code

    SELECT * from
    vwChangeMgmt1 e, vwChangeMgmtTask1 f where
    e.Asgn_Group != 'WTO-AMS-NOVUS' and
    f.Resource_group = 'WTO-AMS-NOVUS' and
    e.number = f.PARENT_CHANGE)

The problem with this is duplicates, and the DISTINCT portion returns errors.

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I figured it out. I needed to change my result map line. the part in bold was added on the unique field.

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