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In an SSIS 2005 package, I have a For Each File Enumerator which iterates through all *.csv files in a folder. The Directory property (and hence Folder) is specified in the VS 2005 development environment. When I run it from VS 2005, the .csv files in the folder get processed and everything works fine.

I set the configuration for the package as an XML file, and, using SQL Server Deployment (with the Manifest file) when installing the package, I set the "Directory" of this For Each File Enumerator to a folder on the server.

I am running the package from SQL Server Management Studio 2005 (MSDB->Run Package). When the package runs, I know for a fact that there are .csv files in the folder, but on entry into the For Each Enumerator, the progress of the package reports the following warning:

Warning: The For Each File enumerator is empty. The For Each File Enumerator did not find any files that matched the file pattern, or the specified directory was empty.

"Everyone" has full permissions on the folder in question and when I run it, I am an administrator so I have full permissions. Could anyone please point me to the right direction as to why the For Each File Enumerator is not seeing the .csv files?

Thanks in advance, Tim

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Well perhaps it isn't using the configuration correctly. I would set a break point at the For Each File task and run it and check the variables and connections when it stops. Proably the easiest way to see waht is happening.

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