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Do you know any open source applications based on Zend Framework, good for reference purposes?

Here are some I know:

Did I missed something interested?

Current version of ZF is 1.10.7. The most up to date is ZFPlanet, which reqiures 1.10.3

Feel free to update.
One condition: complete source codes for working applications.

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Tomato CMS is powered by Zend Framework

Tomato CMS

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Two great ones are:

  1. DASPRiD - Ben Scholzen released the source-code for his blog as part of a series on modern app architecture. Well worth study as examples of dependency injection, service architecture, models/mappers, even using Phing for build.

  2. Dodo - an open-source todo list by Greg Wessels. A great example of module-based app using layout-switching via plugin and an API module.

Note: Previously Dodo was at http://blog.threadaffinity.com/dodo-downloads/ but now I see no sign of threadaffinity.com at all. If anyone has a new link, I'll update the answer to include it.

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TweetGT is a extremely simple Twitter message sender. Source code is here: http://github.com/akrabat/TweetGT

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There is my blog, in which I demonstrate many ZF components, especially those I've contributed, like Zend_Application, Zend_Tag_Cloud and so on. The source is freely available at http://site.svn.dasprids.de/

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Content management framework based on ZF (1.1x.x) with installer and documentation: http://singularcore.com.

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There was jotbug for a while, but it's not available on google code at the moment:



Oh, and ZFDebug http://code.google.com/p/zfdebug/ (which is actually a zf plugin, not a whole application, but still...)

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