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Are icons from http://iconfinder.com/ free to use?

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That will depend on the icon, when you click on the icon, you will see in the upper-left corner the license of the icon:

  • Free for personal use
  • Creative Commons (CC)
  • ...
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From the site's own disclaimer page at http://www.iconfinder.com/about/disclaimer :

Always check the license before using any icons and contact the author before using any icons commercially.

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Commercially - like sell them? I just usr them at website, to make it a little nice to look. I do not sell them and do not use in any products to sell with. –  TRAVA Aug 20 '10 at 17:00
Generally "commercially" is interesting to the creator/owner if you're making money with them somehow; regardless of whatever definition of "commercial" is used. :) –  JYelton Aug 20 '10 at 20:32

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All icons are free to use, but some can only be used for personal purposes. So they are free as in "you don't have to pay", but that doesn't mean you own them and can do what you want.

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