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I want to begin looking at Direct X, but don't just want to try and throw myself into it. What are some good resources to get ones feet wet?

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Do you have a preferred development language(s) or environment? E.g. C# using .Net 2.0, or C++ using Win32? –  mctylr Aug 20 '10 at 17:38
c++ using Win32 ;) –  bara Aug 20 '10 at 18:19

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I highly recommend Toymaker's tutorials. Helped me greatly when I was first starting out with DX and was just as good as a reference later on.

The other thing to do would to set up some small projects that use DX that increase in difficulty as you go. If you'd like a starter list (from easy to hard):

  • Compiling using DX libraries (I always remeber having trouble linking the libraries correctly in Visual Studio).
  • Change background colour.
  • See a model on-screen.
  • Moving the model with input.
  • A camera.
  • Apply a texture to your model.
  • Add multiple models to your scene.
  • Add lighting.
  • Create your a simple rectangle model and display a texture on it.

Get comfortable with all that and then have a look at shaders, advanced lighting and animation.

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There are quite a few books on directX, but there is so much freely available information on the web these days, I would just jump right in there.

A good place to start is just to do a youtube search for DirectX Tutorials. In my opinion, this is a fun and interesting way to get started learning a new dev skill.

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