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I have a simple task to do but I really don't know how to do this. I created a Fullscreen Adobe Air application which does window.location='' to load an external page just in a tag.

The problem is that I can't close the Air application from that page using window.close(); - it just doesn't work. If I load into and put a window.close() button after tag it works no problem at all. Anyway I can't use as use frames and it stops working properly when loaded to . Could you please help me with that. I hope you understand what I wrote.

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Try using window.nativeWindow.close();

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If your using JQuery you can do something like this:

 function closeWindow() {

 $("#buttonClose").click(function() {

The following functions demonstrate the NativeWindow maximize(), minimize(), restore(), and close() methods, just attach them to HTML elements the same way as above:

 function windowMaximize(){ 

 function windowMinimize(){ 

 function windowRestore(){ 

 function windowClose(){ 

Hope that helps!

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