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I have a model Ticket which has n Comments belonging to it (many to one relationship).

The issue is that I can not render any of the comments nor does the form post the comments to the database.

I can kinda sorta do this from irb. I can add comments to tickets.comments, but I cannot pull individual comments - I can pull up the collection but have not figured out how to do anything with it. It is a Class: DataMapper::Associations::OneToMany::Collection and documentation says "A Collection should act like an Array in every way"

So 2 issues needing reading and input:

1) posting from the web form 2) iterating over and rendering the collection through haml, which I can't seem to do.

More gory details:

I have a Sinatra method that pulls up

get '/:thisticket' do
   if @ticket
       haml :showticket

Haml template

%div{:class => "ticket"}
  = @ticket.slug

= @ticket.comments.all              (returns the # symbol to any html page)

- @ticket.comments.all do |comment|
  = comment.a_comment
  = comment.created_at
  = comment.id                       (this block shows nothing on a rendered page) 

 %form{:action => "/#{@thisticket.slug}/update", :enctype => "text/plain", :method => "post"}
 %textarea{:id => "a_comment",:name => "a_comment", :rows => "5"}
 %input{:type => "submit", :value => "post"}/
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At this point I realize the method all might not be what I need to do, but it seemed an apt method originally. –  none Aug 20 '10 at 18:11

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For anyone paying attention or having the same:

This works


get '/:thisticket' do
   @comments=@ticket.comments.all(:order => [ :created_at.desc ])
   if @ticket
       haml :showticket


@comments.each do |comment|

etc, etc, et. al.

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