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I'm trying to use my computer with keyboard only, without touching the mouse.

In git-gui, how do I move the keyboard focus to the list of changed files, so I can stage them (Ctrl + T) one-by-one? I know I can stage all changed files with Ctrl + I, but it doesn't work for staging newly created files.

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If you're trying to do it all with the keyboard, why bother with git gui? You could just run git add . from the top level of the repo to add all modifications and newly created files. –  Jefromi Aug 20 '10 at 21:44
I'm aware of git add .. I like using the GUI and I like using it with the keyboard only. –  Ram Rachum Aug 21 '10 at 7:56
Fair enough. Just a rare preference - my keyboard-only tendencies are exactly why I use CLIs not GUIs. And I have no idea about an answer - I can't even get focus in there by clicking on it, so I doubt there's much hope with the keyboard... –  Jefromi Aug 21 '10 at 12:46
Very pertinent question. This bothers me too, always. –  Lakshman Prasad Aug 21 '10 at 14:02

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You can control a few things with the keyboard:

  • using Alt + <1st-character-menu-item> to open a menu, e.g. Alt + C for the Commit menu
  • there are a bunch a shortcuts available like F5 for refresh
  • using Shift + Tab and Ctrl + Tab you jump around the buttons Rescan to Push, New Commit to Amend Last Commit and to the Commit Message box

However I found no way to jump to the [Un]Staged Changes boxes and also to [un]stage hunks or lines.

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