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I have read a lot of stuff about launching Google Maps in Android.

That's pretty easy:

 Uri uri = Uri.parse("geo:38.899533,-77.036476");
Intent it = new Intent(Intent.ACTION_VIEW, uri);

The problem is that the map is shown at a high zoom level and there is no marker on the map. So, if the user move a little bit or something happen, the point is lost.

Is that possible to add a marker like this:


or like this:


So i can be sure that even if the user move the map, he will be able to find this place again.

Thank a lot for any help.

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The geo: scheme can take a zoom level:


but as far as I know, you can't specify a marker in the intent.

If you use this mode of the geo: scheme, it might give you what you want:

geo:0,0?q=my+street+address geo:0,0?q=business+near+city

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Seem that the correct answer is no, and I have currently no workaround...

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