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I'm getting really upset with the whole direction that "Emborcadero" is taking and I'm really going to invest in FPC/Lazarus.

Went to the Lazarus Documentation page and found the following blogs:

Can someone suggest more resources in terms of Blogs or Twitter accounts to follow?

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I just ran into

But I don't like the tone. While it is true that the absence of colaboration between FPC and Delphi leads to incompatibilities in the newest features, I think he makes a too big deal out of it.

Moreover, most people that chose for FPC/Lazarus do so because they are needing some real features of FPC/Lazarus that Delphi doesn't provide or plans to provide. It is rarely a one dimensional "Lazarus is free" choice.

  • like e.g. native interfacing with OS X, while Embarcadero only prepares a QT port),
  • ARM/PowerPC/Sparc support etc.
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Thanks Marco! As usual you're the guy that kinda gives the most support to the FPC/Lazarus questions. –  Gustavo Carreno Aug 22 '10 at 20:36

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