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I am working ti old F# code from Expert F#. However, the example doesn't build anymore. The following two calls don't seem to exist:




Does anyone know what these have been replaced with or if I am just missing a reference?

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It's now called Async.AwaitWaitHandle.

AsyncReadToEnd is in the F# PowerPack.

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AsyncReadToEnd extension method has disappeared from latest PowerPack releases. See stackoverflow.com/a/23293624/1480391 –  Yves M. Apr 25 at 12:49

1) AsyncWaitOne is now called Async.AwaitWaitHandle.

2) AsyncReadToEnd() extension method does not exists anymore in the FSharp.PowerPack. It has been replaced with the AsyncStreamReader dedicated type that contains proper asynchronous implementation of stream reading (like ReadToEnd, ReadLine, etc.)

It can be used like that:

async { 
  use asyncReader = new AsyncStreamReader(stream)
  return! asyncReader.ReadToEnd() }

Note: Once you have installed FSharp.PowerPack, the AsyncStreamReader type will be 'injected' in the Microsoft.FSharp.Control namespace

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