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I am looking for an example of how to configure an ASP.NET MVC2 project to use CastleWindsor container to do IoC.

I keep running into problems setting it up, and for every problem there seems to be a solution on-line, but in the end I make so many changes and end up with such a verbose setup to get IoC working using CastleWindsor, that I thought it best to ask this question.

I am looking for the minimum configuration required in the Global.asax page, the Web.config, and if required, what other changes and extension classes are required.

I am not looking to inject into actionfilters at this stage, so just the basics. Preferably not using XML files, but doing it in .NET programatically.

Thank you in advance...

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This is as basic as it gets:

  1. Start a MVC2 project from VS2010
  2. Download MvcContrib for MVC2 (the one that says "extra binaries")
  3. In your project, add a reference to (all these DLLs are included in MvcContrib):

    • Castle.Core.dll
    • Castle.DynamicProxy2.dll
    • Castle.MicroKernel.dll
    • Castle.Windsor.dll
    • MvcContrib.dll
    • MvcContrib.Castle.dll
  4. In your Application_Start(), add these lines (and whatever namespaces are needed):

    var container = new WindsorContainer();
    ControllerBuilder.Current.SetControllerFactory(new WindsorControllerFactory(container));
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I should note that currently MvcContrib includes Windsor 2.0 while the latest version of Windsor is 2.5 –  Mauricio Scheffer Aug 23 '10 at 0:22
Also, MvcContrib dropped support of IoC containers for MVC3 –  Mauricio Scheffer Mar 4 '11 at 2:23

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