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On my site I installed superfish dropdowns, which I use on other sites as well. Anywho, I thought all was working because they work fine in Safari, FF, and IE8. But alas, in IE7 (and probably IE6 but I don't care!) they do not appear.

I read about Z-index issues with IE7, but none of the solutions worked.

Anyone know how to fix? Here is the URL: http://www.recordgone.com/about-the-firm.htm


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Thanks to Emily on this other Stack overflow question for pointing me in the right direction.

  • IETester is a useful tool for checking against various IE versions
  • The superfish page fix fixed the problem for IE8 - which actually comes from this comment

    You should set the z-index on the position:relative elements (and not on the absolute elements within it if you have any).

    Also note that when setting the z-index for a positioned element, a new z-order stack will be created for the child elements.

  • For IE6/7, I found with my version of suckerfish that I had to put the z-index on .sf-menu li rather than .sf-menu li li

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