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Is it possible to setup a two-way SMS gateway using either Ozeki or Wammu? (I'm using windows)

This is what i want to implement

  • Get messages from users
  • Filter them according to "Keywords" they've used
  • Send those as HTTP requests to a PHP script located on a server (external)
  • Do a SQL query
  • Get results and message the user back (SMS)


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To implement two way SMS service you need a short code (like 57575 etc.,).

here are the links for SMS short code providers





Google for more links

You can send HTTP requests from PHP script to another server using cURL

If your are successful in sending message from PHP and cURL it is not much difficult to manage it in database.

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"Two-way SMS/MMS - With this functionality you can send and receive messages in your system in a convenient and efficient way." (Quoting from the Ozeki feature list)

Related to your development issues I recommend you to check its developers guide. That's quite extensive

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