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A site im working on is breaking in these browsers but working fine in other browsers?

vista home edition with mozilla 5.0

Windows XP with mozilla 5.0

iphone with privately

iphone with safari

Vista with Google chrome 5.0.1

But working fine in:

ie 8 and 7 on a PC,

safari, firefox and chrome on the mac

Check it:

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And what is your question? – Darin Dimitrov Aug 21 '10 at 6:15

There is class called #header div in master.css remove max-width from this class.

Since IE does not understand max-width this renders correctly in IE

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Chrome dev console gives the following error:

Unmatched </p> encountered.  Converting </p> into <p></p>. reveals many more errors, any one of which could be causing the display problem. For example, you have </html></body></html>.

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