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I want to setup my own SVN server on a dedicated plan over at MediaTemple. This would help me immensely when updating / checking out code with the staff I work with in India. I can't find anything good on the web, and I'm sure someone here knows what to do. How can I set up a SVN server on my dedicated so I can create multiple repositories? Thanks for any help!

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The standard subversion book is always the starting point (of course); the notes on setting up Svn over an Apache server can be found in chapter 6.

The SVN server itself is pretty easy; it's the Apache admin and permissions issues that can get you in trouble. Unfortunately you're right that there's a shortage of examples online. I've found one decent example LAMP svn/trac setup. (It's actually a walkthrough of an Ubuntu server install, but on the way it takes you through Apache/PHP/SVN/Trac; it may give you some ideas.)

There's also a basic svn/apache walkthrough on at /apache_subversion_repository

Also, if that's all you want the server for, you could consider using a dedicated SVN host instead - Assembla is an obvious example, but lots of sites exist.

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I chose to go with Git instead, but thanks for the effort! – Raphael Caixeta Aug 23 '10 at 14:08

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