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I compiled libmad for sox. When I try to read an mp3 I get this message:

sox FAIL util: Unable to load MAD decoder library (libmad) function "mad_stream_buffer".

Did I compile the project incorrectly?

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Compiling SOX with Lame and Libmad for Windows http://www.codeproject.com/KB/aspnet/Compiling_SOX_with_Lame.aspx

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Useful article because the "finished" version (sox compiled with lame and libmad) is included. –  adamcodes Apr 27 '11 at 17:18

I have put together the original SoX binary and libmad and libmp3lame from http://code.google.com/p/ossbuild/source/browse/trunk/Shared/Build/Windows/Win32/bin/

SoX binary for Win32 together with libmad and libmp3lame

Thanks that was easy. Thanks for sharing this easy solution.

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Here is the updated URL ossbuild.googlecode.com/svn/trunk/Shared/Build/Windows/Win32/… –  Azi Dec 12 '12 at 8:28

Steps to using sox to create MP3s (cobbled together from above posts).

  1. Download latest version of SOX http://sourceforge.net/projects/sox/files/sox/
  2. Add libmad-0.dll to the folder where SOX was installed to.
  3. Add lbmp3lame-0.dll to the folder where SOX was installed to.
  4. Use the command line to convert a file to .mp3

    sox input.wav -c 2 -C 128 output.mp3

Note: "-c 2" makes it stereo, "-C 128" specifies output as 128 kbps MP3

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