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I have an ARM-based platform and I'd like to use it to serve GWT application. On x86 I'd go with Tomcat to serve pages, but what options do I have on ARM architecture?

Although GWT is preferred it isn't a must-have but I don't want to switch from Java to PHP.

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  • You can serve a GWT app even from a plain web server (it's just a bunch of static files).
  • If you want to use GWTRPC, you'll need a Java servlet container. As long as your server has a JRE, you should be able to run Tomcat or Jetty or ...
  • Looking into debian packages, it tells me, that Tomcat 5.5 is for all platforms.
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Regarding option no 2 I found Cacao and OpenJDK as options to consider. Both should work on ARM architecture and have JRE.

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