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GNU Emacs on Mac OS X, by default, uses the control key as CTRL, and the command key as META. This drives me crazy, because my MacBook Pro contains only a single control key on the left, while I'm used to having a control key on both sides of the keyboard.

With my GNU Emacs installation, I was able to modify the variables mac-control-modifier, mac-command-modifier, and mac-option-modifier so that command acts as CTRL and option acts as META.

How can I accomplish the same thing in IntelliJ IDEA? It's easy to select "Emacs" as the keymap, but I don't see any way make a similar remapping of CTRL and META. I know I could remap these keys globally in the OS, but I don't want to do that. I also know I could go in to each and every action and individually modify them, but that seems like a poor solution.

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It's may be not the easiest solution but you can open the resources.jar (/Applications/IntelliJIdea.app/lib/resources.jar on MacOS) file, locate the Keymap_Emacs.xml (in idea directory) copy and modify it.

And then you can create a new keymap in IntelliJ for updating it with the new content (~/Library/Preferences/IntelliJIdea90/keymaps on MacOS).

That way you can change all your keymap without changing each action individually.

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Thanks Colin, that worked fine (and was quite easy). The only thing I'd add to your answer is that placing a straight copy of the (packaged) Keymap_Emacs.xml won't work; Idea 9.0 throws a keymap error when booting up. Instead what I ended up doing is opening the Keymap section in Idea's settings, selecting the Emacs keymap, clicking Copy, then making one modification, than applying the change. I then opened up the generated keymap xml in ~/Library/Preferences/IntelliJIdea90/keymaps and performed my search and replace of control with meta and saved it. Everything works perfectly. –  rcampbell Sep 11 '10 at 12:45

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