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I wonder what is the keyboard shortcut for these two combo boxs and specially the right part which list all the members of current class and is very handy for navigating a large class.

I tried to figure it out myself but I do not know the exact names to search for it.

Screenshot showing Visual Studio 2010, in a code file with the Members and Types combos highlighted

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That whole thing is called "Navigation bar" (Window.MovetoNavigationBar) and can be activated by default by pressing Ctrl + F2. There doesn't seem to be a shortcut for the right side of the navigation bar, so pressing the short cut key always takes you to the combo box on the left side. You can use Tab to jump between the combo boxes.

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thanks for Window.MovetoNavigationBar info –  imanabidi Aug 22 '10 at 5:35

The keyboard shortcut is Ctrl + F2 which takes you to the left-hand combo. If you hover over each one in turn (at least in VS2k8) it shows you a tooltip which identifies the two combos as "Types" and "Members", respectively.

Pressing Tab will take you to the right-hand combo and Ctrl + will expand the combo for you.

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in VS2010 there is no hover tool-tip for them –  imanabidi Aug 22 '10 at 5:34

Alternative Resharper approach #1

"Go to file member" which is "Alt+\" .

go to link for advanced features

Alternative Resharper approach #2

"Go to Next/Previous Member" with Alt+Down or Alt+Up

this one is very handy and my favorite :

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