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I'am looking for an eclipse-plugin for doxygen code documentation. I have found the eclox-plugIn ( http://home.gna.org/eclox/ ). I would like find out, how can it automatically generate a "empty" doxygen comment, which could be filled out later or what is the better choice for a documentation eclipse plugIn?

For example for a function: void f(int p1, int p2, ...), it should generate:

/*! \brief ...
    \param p1 ...

PS I'm using for mainly the c/c++ languages

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In eclipse helios in window->preferences you can do: c/c++->Code Style->Code Templates->Comments + Automatically add comments for new methods and classes

You can configure the comment style here, but it is not as smart as it should be. If you find something better, I would be very happy...

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Hi , I tried that , but does not seem to genrate the comment ... is there something i am missing .. –  HelloWorld_Always Sep 27 '11 at 23:31
It's only for generated code... See my new answer. –  tauran Sep 28 '11 at 21:42

A different (better) approach than my previous answer: In c/c++->Editor->Documentation tool comments, Workspace default set doxygen. Then above a function write /** and press return.

int foo(int bar);


 * @param bar
 * @return
int foo(int bar);
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This is perfect, thankyou. –  Chase Mar 11 at 3:48
Exactly the switch I was looking for as well. Cheers. –  Alchete Mar 24 at 21:33

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