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Is there a "standard" way to create multi-language topics in TWiki?

I am preparing a multilanguage site using TWiki as platform. TWiki has a decent I18N support. The user interface is translated into many languages, but I want to create topics that have content in more than one language.

Creating separate topics per language would make it hard to maintain. Is there some plugin which allows me to add multi-language content to topics. Switching the user interface to another language would display the corresponding content or fallback to the only available (default) language content.

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I found a TWiki plugin which seems to work. it is quite basic but is ok for a start.

I hope it will scale well.

There is yet another similar plugin but it creates separate topics per language.

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How did the plugin work out for you? Or have you found/used another solution since? – lexu Feb 16 '11 at 9:43

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