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A few weeks ago, I tried to ask a similar question, but phrased it incorrectly, so I'm trying again. I still don't think what I want is possible, but I'm asking anyhow.

Given a web application running on a "remote" server (i.e. can be anywhere in the world), can that webapp communicate with applets on a Java Card connected to a user's workstation? Or phrased separately, can said remote webapp issue ADPU commands (say, through the middleware installed on the user's workstation).

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You can write a TimedTask (Thread) on the applet to transfer(submit) the data you want from the client machine to the server on a timed basis.

Have a look at the Apache HTTP Client. This will enable you to send requests to your server in the same manner a browser does.

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Unfortunately, I'm trying to interact with applets on the Java card that already exist, so a TimedTask isn't an option. –  Jason Aug 22 '10 at 18:30
Is there no way to extend the current classes/applets? Are the classes final? If you can extend, extend and call the super class with the your timed sub-class. –  Koekiebox Dec 18 '10 at 12:37

Hi i had same scenario , which i have created the jApplet and embedded it in jsp, all the functionality of communicating is in the jApplet, which could Interact with SmartCard , after Interaction that could send the result to server !

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