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Can someone please code me the CRC64 Reverse Algorithm in C#? I am unable to code it, can't understand anything. Thanks,

I have copied the CRC64 Checksum code from C++ and converted it into C# .NET. The entire code is displayed below:

using System;
using System.Collections.Generic;
using System.Linq;
using System.Text;

namespace CRC64
    public class cCRC64
        public UInt64[] crc64_table = {
             0x0000000000000000, 0x42F0E1EBA9EA3693,
             0x85E1C3D753D46D26, 0xC711223CFA3E5BB5,
             0x493366450E42ECDF, 0x0BC387AEA7A8DA4C,
             0xCCD2A5925D9681F9, 0x8E224479F47CB76A,
             0x9266CC8A1C85D9BE, 0xD0962D61B56FEF2D,
             0x17870F5D4F51B498, 0x5577EEB6E6BB820B,
             0xDB55AACF12C73561, 0x99A54B24BB2D03F2,
             0x5EB4691841135847, 0x1C4488F3E8F96ED4,
             0x663D78FF90E185EF, 0x24CD9914390BB37C,
             0xE3DCBB28C335E8C9, 0xA12C5AC36ADFDE5A,
             0x2F0E1EBA9EA36930, 0x6DFEFF5137495FA3,
             0xAAEFDD6DCD770416, 0xE81F3C86649D3285,
             0xF45BB4758C645C51, 0xB6AB559E258E6AC2,
             0x71BA77A2DFB03177, 0x334A9649765A07E4,
             0xBD68D2308226B08E, 0xFF9833DB2BCC861D,
             0x388911E7D1F2DDA8, 0x7A79F00C7818EB3B,
             0xCC7AF1FF21C30BDE, 0x8E8A101488293D4D,
             0x499B3228721766F8, 0x0B6BD3C3DBFD506B,
             0x854997BA2F81E701, 0xC7B97651866BD192,
             0x00A8546D7C558A27, 0x4258B586D5BFBCB4,
             0x5E1C3D753D46D260, 0x1CECDC9E94ACE4F3,
             0xDBFDFEA26E92BF46, 0x990D1F49C77889D5,
             0x172F5B3033043EBF, 0x55DFBADB9AEE082C,
             0x92CE98E760D05399, 0xD03E790CC93A650A,
             0xAA478900B1228E31, 0xE8B768EB18C8B8A2,
             0x2FA64AD7E2F6E317, 0x6D56AB3C4B1CD584,
             0xE374EF45BF6062EE, 0xA1840EAE168A547D,
             0x66952C92ECB40FC8, 0x2465CD79455E395B,
             0x3821458AADA7578F, 0x7AD1A461044D611C,
             0xBDC0865DFE733AA9, 0xFF3067B657990C3A,
             0x711223CFA3E5BB50, 0x33E2C2240A0F8DC3,
             0xF4F3E018F031D676, 0xB60301F359DBE0E5,
             0xDA050215EA6C212F, 0x98F5E3FE438617BC,
             0x5FE4C1C2B9B84C09, 0x1D14202910527A9A,
             0x93366450E42ECDF0, 0xD1C685BB4DC4FB63,
             0x16D7A787B7FAA0D6, 0x5427466C1E109645,
             0x4863CE9FF6E9F891, 0x0A932F745F03CE02,
             0xCD820D48A53D95B7, 0x8F72ECA30CD7A324,
             0x0150A8DAF8AB144E, 0x43A04931514122DD,
             0x84B16B0DAB7F7968, 0xC6418AE602954FFB,
             0xBC387AEA7A8DA4C0, 0xFEC89B01D3679253,
             0x39D9B93D2959C9E6, 0x7B2958D680B3FF75,
             0xF50B1CAF74CF481F, 0xB7FBFD44DD257E8C,
             0x70EADF78271B2539, 0x321A3E938EF113AA,
             0x2E5EB66066087D7E, 0x6CAE578BCFE24BED,
             0xABBF75B735DC1058, 0xE94F945C9C3626CB,
             0x676DD025684A91A1, 0x259D31CEC1A0A732,
             0xE28C13F23B9EFC87, 0xA07CF2199274CA14,
             0x167FF3EACBAF2AF1, 0x548F120162451C62,
             0x939E303D987B47D7, 0xD16ED1D631917144,
             0x5F4C95AFC5EDC62E, 0x1DBC74446C07F0BD,
             0xDAAD56789639AB08, 0x985DB7933FD39D9B,
             0x84193F60D72AF34F, 0xC6E9DE8B7EC0C5DC,
             0x01F8FCB784FE9E69, 0x43081D5C2D14A8FA,
             0xCD2A5925D9681F90, 0x8FDAB8CE70822903,
             0x48CB9AF28ABC72B6, 0x0A3B7B1923564425,
             0x70428B155B4EAF1E, 0x32B26AFEF2A4998D,
             0xF5A348C2089AC238, 0xB753A929A170F4AB,
             0x3971ED50550C43C1, 0x7B810CBBFCE67552,
             0xBC902E8706D82EE7, 0xFE60CF6CAF321874,
             0xE224479F47CB76A0, 0xA0D4A674EE214033,
             0x67C58448141F1B86, 0x253565A3BDF52D15,
             0xAB1721DA49899A7F, 0xE9E7C031E063ACEC,
             0x2EF6E20D1A5DF759, 0x6C0603E6B3B7C1CA,
             0xF6FAE5C07D3274CD, 0xB40A042BD4D8425E,
             0x731B26172EE619EB, 0x31EBC7FC870C2F78,
             0xBFC9838573709812, 0xFD39626EDA9AAE81,
             0x3A28405220A4F534, 0x78D8A1B9894EC3A7,
             0x649C294A61B7AD73, 0x266CC8A1C85D9BE0,
             0xE17DEA9D3263C055, 0xA38D0B769B89F6C6,
             0x2DAF4F0F6FF541AC, 0x6F5FAEE4C61F773F,
             0xA84E8CD83C212C8A, 0xEABE6D3395CB1A19,
             0x90C79D3FEDD3F122, 0xD2377CD44439C7B1,
             0x15265EE8BE079C04, 0x57D6BF0317EDAA97,
             0xD9F4FB7AE3911DFD, 0x9B041A914A7B2B6E,
             0x5C1538ADB04570DB, 0x1EE5D94619AF4648,
             0x02A151B5F156289C, 0x4051B05E58BC1E0F,
             0x87409262A28245BA, 0xC5B073890B687329,
             0x4B9237F0FF14C443, 0x0962D61B56FEF2D0,
             0xCE73F427ACC0A965, 0x8C8315CC052A9FF6,
             0x3A80143F5CF17F13, 0x7870F5D4F51B4980,
             0xBF61D7E80F251235, 0xFD913603A6CF24A6,
             0x73B3727A52B393CC, 0x31439391FB59A55F,
             0xF652B1AD0167FEEA, 0xB4A25046A88DC879,
             0xA8E6D8B54074A6AD, 0xEA16395EE99E903E,
             0x2D071B6213A0CB8B, 0x6FF7FA89BA4AFD18,
             0xE1D5BEF04E364A72, 0xA3255F1BE7DC7CE1,
             0x64347D271DE22754, 0x26C49CCCB40811C7,
             0x5CBD6CC0CC10FAFC, 0x1E4D8D2B65FACC6F,
             0xD95CAF179FC497DA, 0x9BAC4EFC362EA149,
             0x158E0A85C2521623, 0x577EEB6E6BB820B0,
             0x906FC95291867B05, 0xD29F28B9386C4D96,
             0xCEDBA04AD0952342, 0x8C2B41A1797F15D1,
             0x4B3A639D83414E64, 0x09CA82762AAB78F7,
             0x87E8C60FDED7CF9D, 0xC51827E4773DF90E,
             0x020905D88D03A2BB, 0x40F9E43324E99428,
             0x2CFFE7D5975E55E2, 0x6E0F063E3EB46371,
             0xA91E2402C48A38C4, 0xEBEEC5E96D600E57,
             0x65CC8190991CB93D, 0x273C607B30F68FAE,
             0xE02D4247CAC8D41B, 0xA2DDA3AC6322E288,
             0xBE992B5F8BDB8C5C, 0xFC69CAB42231BACF,
             0x3B78E888D80FE17A, 0x7988096371E5D7E9,
             0xF7AA4D1A85996083, 0xB55AACF12C735610,
             0x724B8ECDD64D0DA5, 0x30BB6F267FA73B36,
             0x4AC29F2A07BFD00D, 0x08327EC1AE55E69E,
             0xCF235CFD546BBD2B, 0x8DD3BD16FD818BB8,
             0x03F1F96F09FD3CD2, 0x41011884A0170A41,
             0x86103AB85A2951F4, 0xC4E0DB53F3C36767,
             0xD8A453A01B3A09B3, 0x9A54B24BB2D03F20,
             0x5D45907748EE6495, 0x1FB5719CE1045206,
             0x919735E51578E56C, 0xD367D40EBC92D3FF,
             0x1476F63246AC884A, 0x568617D9EF46BED9,
             0xE085162AB69D5E3C, 0xA275F7C11F7768AF,
             0x6564D5FDE549331A, 0x279434164CA30589,
             0xA9B6706FB8DFB2E3, 0xEB46918411358470,
             0x2C57B3B8EB0BDFC5, 0x6EA7525342E1E956,
             0x72E3DAA0AA188782, 0x30133B4B03F2B111,
             0xF7021977F9CCEAA4, 0xB5F2F89C5026DC37,
             0x3BD0BCE5A45A6B5D, 0x79205D0E0DB05DCE,
             0xBE317F32F78E067B, 0xFCC19ED95E6430E8,
             0x86B86ED5267CDBD3, 0xC4488F3E8F96ED40,
             0x0359AD0275A8B6F5, 0x41A94CE9DC428066,
             0xCF8B0890283E370C, 0x8D7BE97B81D4019F,
             0x4A6ACB477BEA5A2A, 0x089A2AACD2006CB9,
             0x14DEA25F3AF9026D, 0x562E43B4931334FE,
             0x913F6188692D6F4B, 0xD3CF8063C0C759D8,
             0x5DEDC41A34BBEEB2, 0x1F1D25F19D51D821,
             0xD80C07CD676F8394, 0x9AFCE626CE85B507

        /* Initialize a CRC accumulator */
        public void Init_crc(ref UInt64 crc)
            crc = 0xffffffffffffffff;

        /* Finish a CRC calculation */
        public void Fin_crc(ref UInt64 crc)
            crc ^= 0xffffffffffffffff;

        /* Accumulate some (more) bytes into a CRC */
        public void Calc_crc(ref UInt64 crc, Byte[] pbData, uint len)
            /* Constant table for CRC calculation */
            uint __len = len;
            uint pos = 0;
            byte byteInput = 0;

            while (__len-- > 0)
                uint __tab_index = ((uint) (crc >> 56) ^ pbData[pos++]) & 0xFF;
                crc = crc64_table[__tab_index] ^ (crc << 8);

Waiting for help!

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"CRC64 Reverse Algorithm" ??? –  tur1ng Aug 21 '10 at 21:19
There is no such thing. –  Fosco Aug 21 '10 at 21:22
There are bugs in the Init_crc and Fin_crc method. The parameters have to be by reference, or the methods have no effect. –  Guffa Aug 21 '10 at 21:38

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Hashing algorithms are not reversible. You can't get back the original data, but you can get all possible sets of a specific length by calculating the hash for all possible combinations and compare to the hash that you have.

This is of course imensely calculation intensive. Just ten bytes for example gives you 1 208 925 819 614 629 174 706 176 combinations to test...

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CRC32 can be reversed. I have the working code. I am able to get the text when the text is only 4 bytes, no more, no less. –  Tush Aug 21 '10 at 21:29
Yes I missed "ref" attribute to the parameters. I just found it! /* Initialize a CRC accumulator / public void Init_crc(ref UInt64 crc) { crc = 0xffffffffffffffff; } / Finish a CRC calculation */ public void Fin_crc(ref UInt64 crc) { crc ^= 0xffffffffffffffff; } –  Tush Aug 21 '10 at 21:46
@Tush: Not entirely correct: If you have a CRC32 checksum, you can find (by brute force, i.e. by making CRC32 of every possible string) a string which has this checksum; however, there is no guarantee that this is the original string. Many other strings exist which have the same checksum. –  Piskvor Aug 22 '10 at 11:18
If the string is made of random bytes, even sequential but not same, the chances of identical crc generation is very rare. –  Tush Aug 24 '10 at 12:18
@Tush: I don't know about the four-byte case, specifically, but in the general case, the improbability of an accidental collision does not imply that a randomly discovered match is likely to be the original string. For any given CRC value, there is still a vast number of possible matches, of which only one is the original document. –  Marcelo Cantos Jun 9 '11 at 7:22

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