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I am trying to have the function toggleClick return powerData. I need to store powerData in a variable and have it passed to another function to do calculations.

Inside the function toggleClick, I am assigning powerData to houseArray[];

 var powerData:int = houseArray[];

I tried just to write return powerData--but it breaks the program.

// function toggleClick

  function toggleClick(e:MouseEvent) {

// Store "Power" Values of House Objects in Array
   var houseArray:Object = {lightA: 1, lightB: 1, lightC: 1,lightD: 1, lightE: 1,
                             comp: 2,
                             tv: 3,
                             stove: 4,
                             laundry: 5};

   // Store User Power in Variable called powerData
   // The currentTarget will equal powerData
   var powerData:int = houseArray[];
   //return powerData;

  trace("movieClip Instance Name = " + e.currentTarget); // [object Comp]
  //trace(houseArray[]); // comp
  trace("using currentTarget: " +; // comp
  trace("powerData: " + powerData); // the amount of power that I clicked on
  //trace("houseArray: " + houseArray[0]); // the 0 index of house array
  trace(houseArray[]); // currentTarget inside Array

   // how to find out which object selected

   if (e.currentTarget.currentFrame == 2)
    e.currentTarget.bstate = 1;

   if (e.currentTarget.currentFrame == 4)
    e.currentTarget.bstate = 0;


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Why don't you have powerData defined oustside the function, the value of powerData will be updated after each click

var powerData:int;

function toggleClick(event:MouseEvent):void
   powerData = houseArray[];


function performCalculation():void
    // you can use the powerData new value here

Or you simply pass the powerData value to your function arguments

var powerData:int;

function toggleClick(event:MouseEvent):void
   powerData = houseArray[];


function performCalculation(value:int):void
    // access the new value here

for "return powerData" to work, your function needs to return a value of int

function toggleClick(event:MouseEvent):int
   return powerData;

but I'm not sure how that would work within your code though...

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thank you for the response. I'm thinking, just like the "Meter Bar" problem--I would need a customEventListener. Inside the customEventListener, the powerData, and button status (On/Off) would be passed. The customEventListener would see if the button status is either On/OFF--in order to see if addition or subtraction is needed--just like the "Meter Bar." – jc70 Aug 22 '10 at 20:49
You could create a class for your HouseObjects , this class would have a status( on/off ) property and a power property. When a HouseObject button is clicked you could then retrieve the values of both properties in your event handler. – PatrickS Aug 23 '10 at 2:00

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