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i have a form that with a link click adds a new for a file with jquery's .html()

    // show div to change image on product_edit.php
        function () {
            $("#change_img_div").html('<label>Image product</label><input type="file" value="" name="item_img" id="item_img"/>').fadeIn('fast');


When I choose a file and I submit this name "item_img" is not present in the php $_POST array, if I put type="text" instead the new input is passed to POST.

Basically seems like a "file" type is not recognized if this is not present in the html if the first place?

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Files are sent as binary data and as per the HTML specification, it requires the <form> to be set with enctype="multipart/form-data" so that it can be mixed with text content (the normal request parameters). In the PHP side, they are available by the $_FILES array.

See also:

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