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I am migrating a django application to GAE,and am going to use bulkloader to upload existing data.

The model is quite simple, basically there are two models:

class Tag(db.Model):
      name = db.StringProperty (required=True)

class Entry(db.Model):
      # some properties ...
      # ...
      tags = db.ListProperty(db.Key)

I ran appcfg.py create_bulkloader_config against my GAE app,and found two problems with the bulkloader.yaml generated:

  1. Only kind Entry is generated,there is no kind Tag in the generated bulkloader.yaml.
  2. In kind Entry, property tags is missing.

Also I noticed although I have code which inquiries model Tag like this:

Tag.gql('WHERE name = :1',t)

GAE doesn't generate index for Tag in index.yaml. I am wondering is this related to that Tag is missing from bulkloader.yaml ...

Any hints folks ? Thank you in advance.

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Try running that GQL in the data store viewer in your control panel.

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It turns out GAE updates its model statistics every 24hours. I waited for 2 days and run the script again all entities are created in the bulkload.xml –  murphytalk Aug 25 '10 at 14:45
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