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I have a big problem in a simulation model. Entities arrive before and wait until 6.00 AM. And entities arrive after 6:00 AM, don't get any problems and walk inside. How does one model this in Rockwell Arena?

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I can't speak specifically to Arena, but in most discrete simulation engines tasks have a field where you can define criteria for a task to start. In your case, you wouldn't allow a task to start until 6.

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This course's site contains some examples and lecture notes that might be helpful for Arena. Specifically, this lecture covers scheduling resources in Arena which start on slide 30.

Your best bet is to do some Google searching. A lot of class notes/lectures and possibly some examples show up:

Finally, here is the full blown reference guide for Arena (pdf). I think more official documentation can be found here:

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You can use the "based on schedule" element in the create module. Then at the schedule data module you can enter the arrival rates that is zero until 6 AM. However, if you are implying that you must also take into consideration the entities that arrived but waited until 6 AM then taken into process; you can possibly use a dummy create module that handles those arrivals that arrive before 6AM and terminate it at 6AM and then take that number as a extra arrival in your original system.

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