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I've got my ASP.NET MVC 2 application divided into few areas. One of them is a default area in main catalog, the other is Account area in Areas catalog. Now the problem is, that I need to use the same view in controllers from both of this areas.

Now If they would be in the same area I will just return View("ViewName") and it's okay, but what can I do to return view from my default area in controller from my Account area? Any ideas?

Thanks in advice for all your help.

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Just a note, you can stick this view in the ~/Views/Shared folder and just call return View("ViewName") from any controller/area. –  Omar Aug 22 '10 at 9:03

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You could specify the relative location of the view:

return View("~/Views/YourArea/YourController/YourView.aspx");

But when a view is shared among multiple areas I would recommend you to use the ~/Views/Shared folder which serves better this purpose.

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Thank you Darin - I will try this one. –  ŁukaszW.pl Aug 22 '10 at 7:33

This is an old question but still a relevant issue in MVC I think, so here is how I solve it in a DRY fashion that lets you easily change the server path, and have all your dependent actions update automatically:

public class FooController : Controller

    private ActionResult FooView(string name, string extension = "cshtml") { 
        return View("~/Areas/Bar/Views/Foo/" + name + "." + extension); }

    public ActionResult SomeAction(){

      return FooView("AreaSpecificViewName");


    public ActionResult SomeOtherAction(){

      return FooView("AnotherAreaSpecificViewName", "aspx");



This is neat because it defaults to Razor (.cshtml) View files, but it can be set explicitly by supplying the second parameter, as seen in SomeOtherAction().

It's simple but handy, especially during development when the path of your Area might change or something.

Hope that helps someone.

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