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How to remove my jar from clojars? I don't want to mess up public group namespace. I want to move myproject/myproject to org.clojars.qertoip/myproject.

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This is one (of many) current deficiencies of clojars. –  Brian Carper Aug 22 '10 at 17:24

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I had the same trouble, when I asked on the irc channel ato told me that there is no option for removing jars cause someone may be already depending on them, what he told me was that he may remove it manually if i wanted to.

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Open a ticket in Clojars' issue tracker on github. If you need it done privately (perhaps for security reasons) email the server caretakers.

If you would like to discuss the policy or help implement an alternative mechanism see this github issue.

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I don't think there's a mechanism for doing this yourself. Consider asking Clojars admin Alex Osborne (ato on github) to do it for you.

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You might not be able to remove a jar, it however is possible to overwrite an existing jar by redeploying the same version

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